Killing, My Friend gameplay is broken up into waves of bad guys that we call Takes.   The players need to survive to the end of 10 Takes and escape to complete a game.   Each Take, the Director will throw random goals and events at the players to keep the gameplay fresh every game. The Director will also adjust the difficulty of the next Take depending on how well the previous Take went. 

Health and Damage

There are two types of damage you can take in Killing, My Friend. One is Temporary Damage and the other is Lingering Damage.

With Temporary Damage, damage that you take will auto-heal up when you’ve been out of combat after a set amount of time, something that’s become something of a staple in modern FPS’s. The other type of damage is Lingering Damage. Each wound you take, with some exceptions, will cause you to bleed as well. And bleeding damages your total Hit Points. So the longer you bleed, the more your maximum HP will go down. The reduction to your maximum HP will linger until the end of the Take. Bleeding stops when out of combat long enough for the auto-heal to kick in, but you will only heal up to the new maximum HP.


If you are Wounded, you have to be Bandaged by another player (Unless you are playing solo where you can bandage yourself.)  If you become Wounded 3 times during a game you will be knocked out for the remainder of the Take.   And each subsequent Wounding will automatically knock you out until the end of that Take. 

If you take enough damage you may become Injured and begin to limp and you will not be able to perform any stunts.   To heal yourself of the Injury you must Bandage. 


Each kill earns the player a specific number of Fame(points) per kill and the amount varies based on the class of the enemy.   Score multipliers are applied depending on what actions the player takes while performing a kill like Dives or Slides or other Stunts.  Each successive kill while peforming a stunt or chain of stunts will increase the multiplier.  So if you dive off a building and kill 3 bad guys on the way down, the first will get a 2x multiplier, the second, a 3x multiplier, the third a 4x multiplier.  And if you come out of that dive into a roll and get another kill as you come out of the roll, you’d get a 5x multiplier and on and on.   You also get bonus Fame for things like rescuing your fellow players, completing goals and completing a Take without being Wounded.


Goals and the McGuffin

In fiction a McGuffin is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation.  (Look it up!)  In Killing, My Friend, it’s a short term goal that the players will need to accomplish to complete a Take.  There will be a variety of goals with different objectives.  Here’s just a few:

  • Assassination: Take out four targeted Henchmen or Arch-Nemesis in sequence. Time is extended after each kill.  After all four targets are killed, the players must wipe out the rest of the enemies until the Take is complete.

  • Secure the McGuffin: The players must capture and hold two specific points around the map in sequence.  After each capture, time is extended.

  • Escape with the McGuffin:  After the 10th take, the players will need to escape by being at the right place at the right time so they can catch their ride out of the hot zone.  To do so you have to be in the marked area at the end of the timer. 




Randomly the Director will call for a Boss to come in to spice up the picture.   Bosses in Killing, My Friend are the toughest bad guys you’ll face and can come in many different flavors: a full squad of Special Ops soldiers with laser sights, an attack chopper shooting rockets or even a gang of machine gun wielding motorcyclists.  When they show up, you’ll know it as the boss theme will play to add to the tension. 

Special FX

Special FX are powers, abilities or weapons that can be purchased during the game with Fame.   Special FX can and often do break the general rules of Killing, My Friend but have a limited duration.  Once purchased they can be used at any time by the player. 

  • Only a Flesh Wound! - Protection from Lingering and Temporary Damage

  • Second Wind - Instantly Bandage yourself and get back to the action.

  • Super Stamina - Greatly reduce all Stamina costs

  • RPG - A good old fashioned RPG with one shot

  • Unlimited Ammo - Fire your weapons for a short duration without the need to reload

  • Overcrank - 10 seconds of Slow Motion you can use 3 times (seen below)


And we'll keep adding more Special FX as the game matures and more features are added.