Customization is king in Killing, My Friend. You'll be able to make your hero look and play just like you want.


Currently in the demo you have access to our four Heroes that you see in our movie posters.  But when the game releases you’ll be able to design the look of your character from the ground up:   Race, Gender, Body Type, and Costumes with more unlockable during the game, in the in-game store or with Achievements. 


The weapon design focuses on the player’s personal preference and playstyle. In action movies, the director chooses the hero’s weapon based on looks, and not on functionality. In Killing, My Friend, the roster of weapons are chosen with the goal that whatever load-out the player chooses, it will be balanced against other weapons.  So a hero who chooses dual 9mm pistols can compete against the hero wielding the M4 fairly which wouldn’t work in a game that goes for more realistic gameplay. Players will be able to experiment in order to figure out what loadout fits their gameplay style the most



While weapon customization is only cosmetic, it offers a wide variety of options to help enhance the player’s personal style. In the movies, an AK-47 works exactly the same as an M4.   Weapon customization options can be unlocked through leveling up, killing enemies, unlocking achievements, or purchased with Fame gained from successful movie shoots.


In addition to weapon customization and player costumes; permanent modifications can also be unlocked. Permanent modifications apply stat changes to weapons, as well as the player’s character, giving the player the ability to change some stats and abilities to better fit their style. Like to play a little slower and more 'tanky' you can do that.   Want to keep moving and have a fast paced shooter feel?  You can do that too.  Modifications can also be paired with specific weapons to create unique options that improve gameplay and bring previously unavailable weapons into the game.  For example, the Throwing Star Combo Mod changes takes the Throwing Knives slot and changes them to Throwing Stars.   And to keep balance it reduces damage, but the player now throws three Stars at a time.

These additions are incredibly varied, and can bring in weapons that don’t fit into any of the standard weapon classes. But be careful, each newly applied mod destroys the previous slotted mod. The player has to choose carefully which mod to use, and which to throw away.


Other Features

  • Play in either first person or third person.   Player choice is king in Killing, My Friend.  

  • Lots of destructible props!  What's a movie shoot-out without a bunch of bottles and windows and more to shoot out.  Some will provide an extra score bonus like shooting out a window while diving or sliding down a zip line while getting a kill.

  • Characters, costumes and weapon models will be fully customizable including items that are unlockable during gameplay and in an in-game store (No micro-transactions!)

  • Localization will include: German, Finnish, Spanish and Russian with either subtitles or VO.