I have more questions.  Where can I get them answered?

Head on over to the Hard-Boiled Software Message Boards located here: Message Board .

When will the game release?

We are planning a late 2016 release. However, a Beta version will be released around early Spring 2016.

Who is Killing, My Friend for?

Killing, My Friend is intended for gamers who appreciate a tough-but-fair challenge and want to experience a fun, unique co-op experience. The combination of innovative combat and player customization will breathe new life into a popular genre currently riddled with zombies and mutants.

On which platforms will Killing, My Friend release?

We are planning on releasing for PC; with eventual Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 releases to follow shortly after.

Will you be doing Steam Early Access?

Short answer, yes. The plan is to release 3rd or 4th quarter 2016 on Steam Early Access. We’ve already gone through Steam Greenlight and are setting our sights on a release later this year.

How much will the game cost? Will it be free-to-play?

We are planning to use the traditional business model: buy once and play until your mouse breaks! We also plan to produce FREE DLC. We are not prepared to announce the price yet, but it will be similar to other high-quality indie games aimed at the core-gamer market.

Are there micro-transactions or pay-to-win mechanics?

There will be micro-transactions, but absolutely no pay-to-win mechanics. The majority of the unlockable content are cosmetic some of which will be available through microtransactions.  And there will be a few special unlockables that add new weapons or player mods, but none will be available through a micro transaction store.

Will there be Action Half-life or Double Action: Boogaloo style multiplayer?

AHL’s core gameplay will be present, along with elements from DAB, in the free multiplayer DLC planned after the game’s launch. The co-op and multiplayer will definitely be familiar to the fans of the original mods, but ultimately it’s a brand new game.

Will Killing, My Friend be moddable?

We are planning to add mod support to the extent that we can with Unreal Engine 4, as well as adding Steam Workshop in the future for user created content. More details on this will be released as we get closer to release and learn more. But yes, that’s the plan!