About us

Hard-Boiled Software is a new independent game developer from the minds that brought you Action Half-Life and Double Action: Boogaloo. We at Hard-Boiled Software are a small team working on Killing, My Friend on a mostly part-time basis

The core of our team started as developers on the Half-Life mod Action Half-Life, a game that spawned more than its fair share of imitators and innovators including Blood Opera, The Specialists and even more recently, Overwatch! From there the project grew and eventually became one of the most popular Half-Life mods of the era. AHL has maintained a very loyal and rabid fan base that lasts to this day.

And since those salad days we as gamers have searched for a shooter that recaptured the feeling that Action Half-Life provided. Of being Chow Yun Fat in Hard Boiled or Bruce Willis in Die Hard. 

Not only did we want that stylish shooter experience, we wanted a shooter to give us that fly-in-the-ointment feel that action movie have. The few against the many.  This led to the formation of Hard-Boiled Software and creation of Killing, My Friend.

Dwayne Douglass – Executive Producer, Game Designer, Artist

Dwayne Douglass attended Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, Ca and was lead designer and animator on Action Half-Life from Beta 3 on and Action Unreal Tournament.  Dwayne has also worked for the last 15 years as a recording engineer for the Walt Disney Co. in their theme park division. 

Jan Hartung - Programmer

Jan Hartung wrote the "ZHLT Compile GUI" which was accepted to be hosted Planet Half-Life and reached 50,000+ downloads. Jan worked on Snow-War as a mapper and designer. And last but not least he’s spent the past four years coding Action Half-Life 2 for Ministry of Action.

Josh Coyne – Programmer, Technical Advisor

Josh is a 10 year game development veteran who has helped ship big budget console titles such as Ryse: Son of Rome and the Darksiders series. His forte is core engine technology with an extensive background in gameplay programming. He’s also the original programmer of Action Unreal Tournament.  In his spare time he likes playing video games and shaking his fist at the chipmunks running back and forth in his yard.

 Dilhan Geeth – Programmer

Geeth is our single near-full time developer and star programmer.  He started programming when he was 15 and has a strong passion for Coding. If he’s not sleeping you can find him on his computer coding to make or to break things. He’s put time in at UbiSoft India as well.  He codes in C, C++, C#, Java,  PHP, HTML, PYTHON….. and Yeah it goes on.

Ankur Kaul – 3d Artist, Blueprint Expert

Ankur has a great passion for playing as well as Designing Games. After completing BE in Mechanical, a inner voice led him to the path of game designing.  He is an all-rounder in our team, He does lot of things like texturing, modelling, rigging, level designing, game designing and also sometimes programming. He has worked on two AAA titles and also many mobile games.

Nick Kochman - Level Designer, Testing

Nick, AKA Dementei, a passionate gamer and developer of movie action-esque games. Ah yes it was Spring of 2005, when he finally was able to get his own Steam account he came across the mod known as The Specialists. There, my friend, it all began, the decade long adventure of becoming The Specialist. He then became a Boogaloo of Double Action where his skills were rightfully honed in the creation and design of levels for mighty action warlord supreme burritos.

David Smith – Artist

Dave Smith has been working for many years as a painter for popular comics like Xmen and Fantastic Four for Liquid Graphics. After comics, Dave has worked in animation as a background painter for Eli's Dirty Jokes and he has contributed to various graphic design projects and concept work. Find his independent work on comiXology: Forbidden Tales of the Sky Pirates and Immense Robot.

Greg Sherwin – Level Designer

Greg started level designing back in 2001 when he got hooked into a game called Action Half-Life.  Over the years he has released numerous maps and a few of them have become official levels for games like Action Half-life, Action Half-life 2 and the Outlaws Mod.  Oh, and he likes his belly rubbed and to be called Beer Dog, but we are not going to talk about that now....

Niko Myllynen -3D Environment Artist

Niko is a level designer whose first stab at mapping was with Duke Nukem 3D. His experience in the genre dates back to the early versions of Action Half-Life, having released half a dozen levels for the mod. He is the author of the majority of official levels in Action Half-Life 2.

Madeleine Baringtang - Animator

Madeleine is an animator who has loved video games ever since she could hold a controller. With a passion for gaming only rivaled by a passion for animation, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a character animator for games. In her spare time, you’ll find her drawing character concept art, comics, or animating (in 2D or 3D). Her all-time favorite games are Cave Story and Mother 3.

Michael Compton – 3D Artist

Michael, aka Compy always had a love for video games. Some people may have said it was more of a problem but they can just shut their pie holes. Compy earned his Bachelors of Science majoring in Game Art from Full Sail University. KMF will be Michael’s first game after finishing college and he couldn’t be happier working with such a talented team.

Tom Wright - Sound Designer

Tom is a game audio wizard who specializes in firearm and weapon audio for first person shooters. Having produced audio for countless games such as War or Rights, No More Room in Hell and Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2, we're confident that Tom can provide the perfect amount of 'KABOOM' to all of our weapons!

Troy Cucchi - Animator

Troy is an animator and avid gamer who recently earned his Bachelors of Science in Media Arts and Animation, from the New England Institute of Art. Initially focusing on film he developed a strong passion for character animation and game design. On the side he lives and breathes Dark Souls and Animal Crossing.