Killing, My Friend is a first and third person co-op arcade shooter for PC, Mac and Xbox One with over-the-top movie realism and stunts inspired by classic action movies. The game pits four action movie stars against hordes of extras, lieutenants, henchmen, arch-nemesis and bosses on cliché movie sets to test your actor’s abilities. With emphasis on style, the player attempts to complete a variety of gameplay objectives and survive to the end while battling it out alongside other players. To survive you must cooperate, but to win the match you must do it in the most stylish way.


The Director wants Killing, My Friend to be the most exciting and stylish action movie ever made.  To do that you can’t just simply kill all the bad guys, you have to do it with style.  And you do that by performing stunts while killing bad guys.   Just don’t die in the process.  You’re supposed to be the hero.

While performing stunts you gain a bonus to your score for each kill and you take less damage.  Oh, and the Director will like you more for doing them.

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